Our wines’ huge personality comes from the terroir.

The terroir is the sum of the characteristics that the soil, subsoil, terrain, altitude, orientation, climate, and surroundings impart to the vine. It also includes the culture, ways of working, and the spirit of the men and women who have worked the land over time.

Our land is shaped by a set of extreme conditions that yield truly exceptional fruit. When tackled with heroic viticulture, the result is the miraculous Merum Priorati.

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Les Finques

Merum Priorati is one of the major winegrowing estates in the Priorat.

Quantitatively, it is one of the largest: it currently occupies 103 ha, 29 ha of which are given over to growing vines.

Qualitatively, Merum Priorati boasts a remarkably rich diversity. It has three estates: Les Foreses, Plana Marjot and Les Escomelles.

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Les Foreses